Passive & Active Consumption



Active consumption is when the audience engages and discusses media messages that are fed to them and question the media messages through own life experiences. Different people  interpret the message in other ways rather than question it, by doing this the audience would not be as suggestible to tell them what to think. Shows like ‘Free Speech’ on BBC3, like to discuss the youth of today and talk about the issues in society concerning money, behavior and other social attributes as a form of expressing opinion. They get guests like politicians and journalists on the show to discuss these issues, the audience who ask the questions are more active due to the deep discussions they have with the panel than people sitting at home. However people at home can interact with Twitter/Facebook as well as calling in to interact with the panelists and create debates, so Home viewers become less suggestible and more active as they can get involved in debates.



Passive consumption is when the audience doesn’t engage or question the media message but just accepts it, this what media outlets want to achieve when making a film or show as they want to view to except and not question. To get the audience into this state the story has to be believable, it doesn’t need to realistic as that would make it boring and unrealistic would look not worth the watch.

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