The colours used in the production of the Magazine are Red, Blue & Black.


Red is an emotionally intense colour, it has a high visibility  and it’s vibrancy impacts well. Another reason why red was used is because it is signifying leadership, courage, love and friendship. All things which are all expected from a father. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 12.36.05


Blue connotes depth and stability, it symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom and confidence.  It is usually used to promote products to link in with purity. 


Black is quite a masculine colour and is usually associated with power and strength. It’s a prestigious colour.




The font that was used is called ‘Nexa’ and was downloaded from HERE

The reason for this is because this font is very slick and modern, it has unlimited design values to it which means it can be used frequently throughout the magazine and still look aesthetically pleasing without it coming out tacky or predictable.

It’s also easy to read not not complicated in any way.


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