[TASK 2] Contrasting Audience Analysis [Film Posters]

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The audience of the Chucky film and who would naturally most likely be interested in this film poster are people who are thrill seekers and people who like to have a little scare every once in a while, if we are talking about ages; I would say around 16-26.

This Chucky poster presents the protagonist, with Chucky being the antagonist and more importantly the main character he is significantly placed head forward on the poster, being the most outstanding thing on the cover. The name of the film ‘Curse’, tailing onto the usual spectral of the Chucky movie line, therefore re-instating the fact that this is a horror/thriller movie.  ‘CHUCKY’ being highlighted through use of capitalisation and boldness only re-enforces the main form of the movie. Also the font is quite violent with the ‘Y’ being shaped like a knife and having a blood splash. Linking back to audience needs, this appeals to them as some people enjoy the theme of a main weapon being used in a movie, it also foreshadows Chucky’s main aim/personality. “Chucky’s back and better than ever”, appeals to the older fans of the series, the die hard people who have followed the franchise of Chucky for years.The colours of the poster presents a serious, strong vibe. A  thriller related tint with an overlay material which relates to an older movie, which emphasises horror aspect and will suit to the audience.

Chucky received a rating of 3 stars (5.6/10) from IMDb, which isn’t necessarily a  high achievement, of course this may be due to the fact that it went straight to DVD, and did not have the full build up/ advertisement effect upon the viewing public.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 10.19.49

Contrasted with TED which got a rating of 3 1/2 (7/10) stars from IMDb, not a “massive” jump, although there is a significant difference in viewing ratings and reviews, from both films.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 10.20.22


I would say the audience profile for Ted would be people from 15 above. The film poster clearly presents the main character being of course ‘Ted’, presenting a sign in front of him which reads “This is not a F*cking kids movie!!!”. Of course how simpler can it get from this? It’s not for kids. It’s mainly for teenagers & adults.

This poster is very theatrical and comedic, It’s subtle yet stands out amongst most film posters I have seen in 2012-2013. Mainly because of it’s funny aspect. Due to the reason that it’s a motion picture which relates closely to the cartoon franchise of Family Guy, the audience of the film would be people who watch Family Guy also; As the humour is easily relatable.

The main colour scheme is Green & White, not necessarily gender specific colours which signifies it’s audience spans widely across different people. As Ted is such a crass comedy, the designers of the poster clearly did not want to over exaggerate on the comedic aspect, therefore by keeping it as simple as possible with more than enough white space, it brings more attention to it. So..less is more.

People who would be interested in this poster will be those who are interested in a funny movie, people who enjoy laughing and satirical humour. There is something about the character which is just funny, without having to do anything; merely a still image will make someone at least giggle :), This is because of the visual representation of Ted’s facial expression, being playful with having a human like aspect.

With the stance of the bear being like a human it’s clear the movie is a play of a child’s movie which has transitioned and transformed into an adult comedy.

The reason I chose to compare Ted & Chucky is because they are both two movies which intake two children’s toys and play on them in two very different ways, they are easily contrastable as one is horror and one is comedy, this is clearly shown though the posters; therefore is clearly aiming towards 2 specifically different audiences. Neither of them are gender specific so that doesn’t come into play.

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