Homes for fathers and families [HOFF]

HOFF is a project aimed at providing the same degree of support for single fathers as available for single mothers in the UK. Fathers who look after their children on their own have much the same difficulty as mothers. In addition they are not necessarily as skilled when it comes to caring for their children, nor are they seen as needing any sort of help.

HOFF aims to tackle this problem by providing accommodation and support for fathered who are looking after their children on their own.

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Official statistics for the UK show that in 2005 there were 1.9 million single parents, with 3.1 million dependant children, two thirds of them live in rented accommodation.  One in nine of these parents are fathers. Families who depend on a single father tend to be smaller than average, 64% of them consist as of the father and just one child, and a further 28% the father and 2 children. So there are are roughly 210,000 single fathers wit about 280,000 dependant children living with them.  In inner London alone there are around 19,000 single fathered who are known to various social services but there is no specific help for this group, in contrast to the provision made for single mothers.

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